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6.2 Technology Analysis

The technological footprint of a small house cleaning service like Spotless Homes is typically not very large. Anthony, Christine and Sofia will be purchasing computer hardware to be able to run the standard windows operating system. There are no plans to install a server for the business. Each computer workstation will also be connected to dual monitors that will add substantial productivity.

Other office hardware will be a network printer that will be configured to run using the office router proving laptops with the ability to print wirelessly. Each of the owners will also be carrying a tablet and a portable printer with them on each job. This will allow them to print out invoices, and also accept credit cards while at the clients location. Besides this the office will also be equipped with an integrated fax / digital copy machine and a phone system.

In terms of software the firm will have:

  1. Microsoft Office which will include Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and other productivity related software.
  2. The owners will also be using Service Fusion service management software to assist them with customer relationship management, invoicing, scheduling & team management.

Some of the benefits of using Service Fusion are:

  1. Customer Management: The software will allow for creation of multiple customer contacts, phone numbers & email addresses. Setting up multiple service locations & credit cards on file and store equipment information, documents, images & view history at a glance
  2. Estimates and Jobs: The software will allows Anthony, Christine and Sofia to email estimates & job confirmations to customers using pre-set email templates, track referral sources and and assign jobs to sales reps for commission calculation. Finally also assign estimates & jobs to projects, track labor & drive time.
  3. Dispatching and Scheduling: The software will provide a visual scheduler with drag & drop capability for scheduling & assignment. This will allow the owners to view jobs and estimates on a map before assigning them to workers.
  4. Invoicing and Payments: Anthony, Christine & Sofia will be able to create invoices for a single job or multiple jobs on the same invoice; Accept credit card payments using a built-in, free payment gateway. Finally Spotless Homes will also be able to receive credit card, check, cash or any other form of payment against invoices and jobs.
  5. Quickbooks Integration: The software will allow for the bi-directional sync of customers, products & services. The Automatic synchronization of job deposits, invoices and payments.
  6. Inventory Management: The software will support serialization of inventory and the ability to receive items into multiple warehouses on the same inventory order.
  7. Time Tracking and Payroll reports: The software will provide simple clock in/clock out features inside the administration system and mobile app. It will also allow for payroll calculation based on hourly pay settings - very important when Anthony, Christine and Sofia decide to hire sub-contractors for larger jobs. The software will also calculate regular and overtime pay on a daily or weekly basis.

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