Sound business planing lays the foundation for success.  Our free business plans are some of the most comprehensive plans you will be able to find.  We have put these plans together using many years of experience with business owners in their respective industries.  Each plan contains all the elements suggested by the SBA.  We recommend that you review our plans, absorb the questionnaires and then use our templates to craft your own business plans.


Our free excel based business plan templates have been created to give our readers the ability to create their own high quality plans totally free.  You can choose which templates you want to include in your own plan after reviewing our free business plan, then simly download the corresponding template, access the free government data based on the instructions provided and within minutes copy and paste the output into your own business plan.


Understanding the strategic and tactical decisions that have to be taken everyday duirng the course of business are critical to successful business planning.  Our free business plan questionnaires have been put together after extentive research and dialog with seasoned professionals.  These questionnaires give our readers tremendous insight into the nuances of running a business and the daily challenges that a small business owner in their industry faces.


Who can you turn to for advice in your industry?  What are the significant legislative initiatives that may affect your business?  Where can you meet with other business owners like yourself from your industry?  How can you get special discounts from vendors for your purchases?  The institutions and publications carefully selected in this resources section will be able to answer all these questions and many more.  This guide is completely free.


From the minute a business comes into existence, it needs financing in order to survive, endure and grow.  Our extensive experience in small business financing has been put together to create articles and directories of lenders and foundations for our readers that cover everything from filling out a business loan application, to understanding personal and business credit and its impact on a small business.  All this valuable content is completely free. Read More


Starting a new business is the most exciting and challenging endeavor that a small business owner can undertake.  Our completely free resources will assist a business owner in understanding the appropriate business entity structure that is suitable for their needs and our State Incorporation directory will give them the contact information that they need for the formation of the business entity as they begin the journey of starting a new business. Read More