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4.2 Population and Household Summary

The population for the target market of Cobb county has grown 64.4% between 1990 and 2015. This compares with a 57.7% increase in the population of the state of Georgia. Thus we can see that while the population of the both the state and the county has shown steady growth, the population of Cobb county has grown a faster clip than the state. The male to female population for Cobb county and the state of Georgia are almost identical with Cobb county showing a slightly larger female population of 51.70% as compared to 51.20% for the state of Georgia.

What is interesting when we look at the civilian labor force for Cobb county and the state of Georgia, is that the increase in the civilian labor force for Georgia has been 45.4% between 1990 and 2014. However, the labor force of Cobb county has only grown by 24.5%. This points to the fact that there are probably fewer businesses in the county and therefore fewer opportunities for employment as compared to the rest of the state of Georgia.

The size of the average household in Cobb county is 2.64 as compared to 2.72 for the state pointing to the fact that few folks live in each home here in the target market when compared to the state as a whole.

When looking at median household income however a substantial discrepancy shows up - Cobb county has a median household income of 64,657 as compared to only $49,342 statewide. Thus the median household income in Cobb county is 31% higher, even though the civilian labor force there has only grown by half the amount as the state. Likewise when we compare the Income par capita we find that in Cobb county the average person makes $33,418 as compared to $25,427 in the state of Georgia.

The statistics for poverty also show a startling discrepancy with 13% of the population in Cobb county under the poverty line as compared to 18% for the state of Georgia. All these statistics confirm that the target market of Cobb county has a population that is doing better economically then the rest of the state of Georgia and this of course means that they are in a better position to afford the house cleaning services being offered by Spotless Homes.

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