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4.11 Target Market Employment by Industry Analysis

In this section of the business plan we are looking at the employment by industry for the target market of Mecklenburg County County in comparison with the State of North Carolina.The employment by industry analysis gives us another great look at the economic picture of the target market and also gives us a good idea of how many folks are employed in our own industry - the Plumbing and Heating Contractor industry as compared to other industries.

The following are industries groups into which employment is broken down:

  1. Health care & social assistance
  2. Retail trade
  3. Wholesale trade
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Administrative & support & waste management & remediation service
  6. Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
  7. Professional, scientific, & technical services
  8. Accommodation & food services
  9. Construction
  10. Other services (except public administration)
  11. Transportation & warehousing
  12. Information
  13. Management of companies & enterprises
  14. Educational services
  15. Arts, entertainment, & recreation
  16. Agriculture / Mining / Forestry / Utilities

The following items stand out when we look at the employment by industry analysis for the target market of Mecklenburg County and the state of North Carolina:

  1. Manufacturing jobs are only 4.7% of all jobs in Mecklenburg County as compared to 11.5% of all jobs in the State of North Carolina.
  2. Retail Trade jobs are 10% of all jobs in Mecklenburg County as compared to 13.2% of all jobs in the State of North Carolina.
  3. Interestingly there 5.4% of all employment is realted to the transportation and warehousing industry as compared to 3.2% statewide - this inspite of the fact that as a proportion these industries have only 3% of all business establishments in both the County and the State.
  4. 13.6% of all jobs in Mecklenburg County are from the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate industries as compared to 6.3% for the state of North Carolina.
  5. Professional services and management industries provides 8.4% of employment in Mecklenburg County compared to 5.7% statewide.
  6. Heatcare jobs in the county are only 11.8% of all jobs comparead with 15.7% statewide.

The reason for the discrepancies referenced above has to do with the fact that the labor force in Mecklenburg County is better educated than the State in general. Folks with higher education tend to be employed by jobs in the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Professional services professions. Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation & Warehousing jobs typically don’t require advanced degrees and that may also explain why there simply aren't too many jobs for these industries in the target market of Allegheny.

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