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4.3 Business Statistics Summary

There are more women owned firms in the target market of Mecklenburg County than in the state of North Carolina. The state registers 35.6% of all firms to be owned by women while the target market has 38.6% of all firms owned by women.

Minority owned firms feature prominently in the target market with 36.1% of all firms being owned by minorities as opposed to 22.8% statewide. We think that this is a huge plus for the general vitality of the business environment in general. A well diversified socio-economic population is an excellent setting for a small business and we feel with Felix being a minority himself, Central Plumbing and Heating should do very well in the coming years.

Retail sales per capita for Mecklenburg County is $15,528 when compared with $12,376 for the entire state of North Carolina - this represents a 23% increase and denotes more purchasing power and therefore a higher degree of affluence and economic vitality for the county versus the state.

While the target market of Mecklenburg County only has 10% of the total population of the state of North Carolina it boasts the following:

  1. 21% of all Wholesale trade sales in the state of North Carolina come from Mecklenburg County.
  2. 17% of all building permits awarded in the state were requested by builders for the target market of Mecklenburg County.
  3. The county commands 15% of statewide sales relating to accommodation and food services.

All this analysis of the vital business statistics show that the target market of Mecklenburg County is an extremely vital part of the North Carolina economy. Central Plumbing and Heating should be able to establish a very solid name for themselves in the years to come.

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