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4.3 Business Statistics Summary Template

What does this template on Business Statistics Summary accomplish in the business plan for Green Lawn Landscaping, Inc.?

The Business Statistics summary for Allegheny is a table that gives the reader of the business plan a very quick summary of the key business statistics for Allegheny. Our template gives you, the writer of the business plan, the ability to fill in the information and subsequent to that have the output table automatically created for you by the template.

What data goes into the template on Business Statistics summary for a Landscape Contractor?

The Business Statistics summary table includes some of the following key data points for the targert market of Allegheny and the state of Pennsylvania:

  1. The Number of firms owned by Black Americans as a percentage of the total in Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  2. The Number of firms owned by Asian Americans as a percentage of the total in Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  3. The Number of firms owned by Hispanics as a percentage of the total in Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  4. The Number of firms owned by women as a percentage of the total in Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  5. The total manufacturer's shipments from Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  6. The wholesale trade sales for Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  7. Retail sales for Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  8. Retail sales per capita for Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  9. Accommodations and food service sales for Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  10. Building Permits granted for Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  11. Federal Spending in Allegheny and Pennsylvania.
  12. Sales Tax for Allegheny and Pennsylvania.

Where does the data for the Business Statistics summary for the Green Lawn Landscaping, Inc. business plan come from?

Almost all the data that goes into this template comes from the United States Census Bureau except the number for the Sales Tax.The State and County quick facts tables at the US Census bureaus website give an excellent business statistics summary that our small business plan owners like Frank Murphy are able to use in their business plans. We recommend that you visit the website for the US Census bureau at www.census.gov and in the search area type in 'quickfacts' (one word). Many times you may also see a link to the quickfacts datasets from the main page of the website for the bureau. The data is completely free although we recommend that you cite the source in the main body or addendum of your business plan for a Landscape Contractor.

The sales tax numbers are usually researched from the various websites for the respective state government where the business is located. Thus in the case of Green Lawn Landscaping, Inc., we researched the website for the state government of Pennsylvania and were able to obtain the tax rate for that particular state. Keep in mind, different counties and municipalities can have different sales tax rates and so we recommend that you give your accountant a call and check with them before putting that number into your business plan. There are databases and websites out there that will give you the sales tax for any jurisdiction in the United States for a fee but we don't think that you need to spend all that money, when this information is readily available to you online if you take some time to research it. The good folks at www.wikipedia.org have some very good articles on the sales tax rate for States and links into local state and county governments.

What do we do with the output from this template for Business Statistics Summary for Green Lawn Landscaping, Inc.?

Just as we advised our client Frank Murphy, we recommend that you gather the data from the sources mentioned earlier, fill out the data input area of the template highlighted in yellow and then click on the output button to be taken to the output page. There you will have the ability to copy and paste the output table directly into the word document which contains the business plan for your Landscape Contractor.

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