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3.2 Description of Services Questionnaire

How does a business like Lights On Electrical, Inc. benefit from this section of the business plan?

Just like the previous section about product description, the service description section of the business plan helps a business like Lights On Electrical, Inc. tell the reader of the business plan what kind of services they offer and how they separate themselves from the competition. This is an often overlooked part of the business plan that many owners tend not to focus on, but can't reiterate just how important this section is to banks, non-bank lenders, venture capitalists and prospective partners. How you describe your service business denotes the amount of passion you have for your work.

Thus if are an architect offering architectural services you must take some time to explain just what kind of architectural services you offer the market place. Do you serve large corporate and commercial clients or do you work with small home owners? How do you set yourself aside from everybody else?

What is the platform of delivery for your service in your Electrical Contractor?

Many of our small business clients are puzzled when we ask them this question. A platform of delivery entails the entire process from beginning to end that you have to utilize to deliver the service to your client. It includes the first consultation, the review of the clients needs, the process of making a a recommendation and suggestions, the quoting of rates and terms for your service and after than securing the order and delivering the service to your client.

What if the Business has a product and not a service?

In the event you are in the manufacturing industry then clients will tend not to see your service but will instead see the hard product or output of your business. But even in you manufacture a physical product there is a component of service involved. For example you have to see your product to your customer who may be a wholesaler or retailer or the end customer directly. What kind of service do you give your clients when you sell your product to them? - all these are questions that should be addressed in this section of the business plan.

What if I have an online business?

In the event you have an online business, your customer experience is almost completely dependent on the quality of your website and your ability to follow through on delivering your product to the customer after the order has been placed - we recommend that you take a few lines to describe the best practices that you currently have in place to make sure that the customer is happy with the product they have purchased from you.

Every Electrical Contractor serves its customers in one way or another and the service industry forms the back bone of our economy. The better we describe our service and the process of delivering the service, the better are the chances we have of getting the reader of the business plan take the plan seriously.

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