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4.25 Analysis of Consumer Expenditure on Food Away from Home by Area Type Template

What is the benefit of having a template for the Annual Spending by Type of Area analysis in a business plan for a Full Service Restaurant?

The template for Annual Spending by Type of Area analysis gives the reader of the business plan like a banker or potential partner a very crisp view of how much money has been spent annually by consumers living in urban and rural areas of our country. The great benefit of this analysis is of course that it covers a period of 10 years and presents all 10 years worth of data in tabular form and in addition to that denotes the changes in the most recent and 1st year of the analysis in graphical format.

How is the population classified when conducting an analysis for the annual consumer spending by type of area?

In order to conduct the analysis a business owner like Jack Gordon would have to use the data that would classify the population into two large buckets:

  1. Urban Population: All persons living in metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) and in urbanized areas and urban places of 2,500 or more persons outside MSA's. Urban, defined in this survey, includes the rural populations within an MSA.
  2. Rural Population: All persons living outside a metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and within an area with a population of less than 2,500 persons.

What is the cost of the data for Annual Spending by Type of Area analysis for Full Service Restaurant in Westchester County, New York?

The data for Annual Spending by Type of Area is available completely free from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at www.bls.gov and is paid for by your tax dollars. Most government agencies request however that if you decide to use their data, that you give them a mention by letting your readers know the source of the data.

What calculations go into the production of this template on Annual Spending by Type of Area analysis for A Touch of Tuscany?

There are no manual calculations that you have to endure - just go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, download the data, paste it or enter it into the template and the chart will be updated automatically. Just punch in the data and our templates will do the rest. Click on the output tab from where you can copy and paste the finished template into a word document.

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