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American Association of Meat Processors
One Meating Place
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
Phone: Phone: 717-367-1168

The American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP), is North America's largest meat trade organization. The AAMP membership has been bringing safe, wholesome, and quality meats and foods to America's tables since 1939. Membership includes more than 1,300 medium-sized and smaller meat, poultry and food businesses: slaughterers, packers, processors, wholesalers, in-home food service business, retailers, deli and catering operators, and industry suppliers.


American Beverage Association
1101 Sixteenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: Phone: 202-659-5349

The American Beverage Association (ABA) was founded in 1919 as the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages, and renamed the National Soft Drink Association in 1966. Today the ABA represents hundreds of beverage producers, distributors, franchise companies and support industries. The beverage industry has a direct economic impact of $178.5 billion and ABA member companies employ more than 208,000 people across the country. They market hundreds of brands, flavors and packages, including regular and diet soft drinks, bottled water and water beverages, 100-percent juice and juice drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas.


American Egg Board
PO Box 738
1460 Renaissance Drive, IL 60068
Phone: Phone: 847-296-7043

The American Egg Board is the U.S. egg producers' link to consumers - communicating eggs' nutritional and economic values. As the egg industry's promotional arm, AEB strives to implement a results-oriented marketing program that achieves success through national marketing initiatives.


American Soyabean Association
12125 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 100
Saint Louis, MO 63141
Phone: Phone: 314-576-1170

For the past 90 years, the American Soybean Association has met the demands of a growing world. The American soybean farmer has a tremendous opportunity to answer the call of agricultural needs throughout the world and ASA is the collective voice of 22,000 U.S. soybean producers. A primary focus of the American Soybean Association is policy development and implementation. Policy development starts with the farmer/members and culminates at an annual meeting of voting delegates.


American Sugar Alliance
2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: Phone: 701-351-5055

The American Sugar Alliance is a national coalition of sugarcane and sugarbeet farmers, processors, refiners, suppliers, workers and others dedicated to preserving a strong domestic sugar industry. The American Sugar Alliance works to assure that farmers and workers in the U.S. sugar industry survive in a world of heavily subsidized sugar. Only through a united effort can these dedicated Americans continue to offer a plentiful and secure domestic supply of sugar at a reasonable price. The American Sugar Alliance provides the backing and support to meet this national need.

Small Business Owner Resource Center


Articles on the Small Business Financing Sources, the Small Business Loan Basics, small business loans Checklist and SBA Loans are incredible sources of knowledge for the small business owner.



Credit Report and Credit Score Analysis, how to Read a Personal Credit Report and all about Business Credit cover the intricacies of credit and are required reading for everybody.



The Foundation Grant Directory is a free listing of sources for grants by state. Why not look if there is some free money out there for your business. Hey - you never know!



The Business Loan Application covers every item you will need in your loan package and tells you how to get approved for business loans.



Fire your loan broker and use our Free Business Loans Bank / Lender Directory to find every bank in the country lending to small businesses.



If you are looking to start a business - look no further.  Check out the Free Incorporation Guide discussion and the State Incorporation Resource Directory.

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