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After listening to our small business owner clients and site visitors we decided to put this wonderful tool together for the benefit of everyone in the small business community.  This is one of the most comprehensive resource directory you will find anywhere on the web and it has been painstakingly put together by our analysts by collecting data from government sources and banks directly.  Please check with each bank to understand the products that they offer and remember a good loan application always starts with a good business plan!

1st Security Bank of Washington
Lynnwood, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: 15
State Micro Lending Rank: 12.5
Asset Size: http://www.1stsecurityofwa.com

American Marine Bank
Bainbridge Island, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: 32.5
State Micro Lending Rank: 42.5
Asset Size: http://www.americanmarinebank.com

Americanwest Bank
Spokane, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: 80
State Micro Lending Rank: 87.5
Asset Size: http://www.awbank.net

Anchor Mutual Savings Bank
Aberdeen, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: 35
State Micro Lending Rank: 35
Asset Size: http://www.anchornetbank.com

Baker Boyer National Bank
Walla Walla, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: 65
State Micro Lending Rank: 77.5
Asset Size: http://www.bakerboyer.com

Bank of Bellevue
Bellevue, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: 42.5
State Micro Lending Rank: 10
Asset Size: http://www.bankofbellevue.com

Bank of Clark County
Vancouver, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: 70
State Micro Lending Rank: 45
Asset Size: http://www.bocconline.com

Bank of Everett
Everett, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: Not Rated
State Micro Lending Rank: Not Rated
Asset Size: http://www.bankofeverett.com

Bank of Fairfield
Fairfield, Washington
State Small Business Lending Rank: 50
State Micro Lending Rank: 70
Asset Size: http://www.bankoffairfield.com

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